If you live the fast-paced life of cities, Daman will surely make you feel like time can stand still. Located near Gujarat, Daman is a small place with widespread beaches and commotion-free streets- perfect for a quiet holiday.


Since there are no direct trains to Daman, we had to travel to Vapi and then take a 20-minute ride down to Daman. The ride itself made me quite nostalgic as it reminded me of all the memorable trips I’ve had before. With regards to transport, Daman has one drawback- the autorickshaws there do not know the concept of meters and most of them don’t have one, and so, if you don’t want to be ripped off, I’d suggest you take your own transportation.

After reaching Daman, we quickly checked into the hotel and lounged for bit before we hit the beach. We had a nice beach view lunch of the local fish specials, after which we walked down to Deveka beach. To our surprise we could barely find any people there. All our eyes could see was the vast beach and the glimmering sea.




The beach was a mix of rocky terrain, sand, and stones, which formed amazing textures on the shoreline. In fact, we had to walk a considerable distance through the rocky beach before we touched the sea.


The sun was blazing down but the constant breeze pleasantly kept us company. The best part was that the place was so quiet that all that you could hear were the waves- no passersby shouting, vendors calling or children crying; just the music of the sea.


After spending some considerable time at the beach, we moved on to see some local attractions. First, we hit St. Jerome Fort.


There was nothing special about the fort itself but it led us to one of the most enticing experiences there. Near the fort was a fisherman’s dock, and we got one of the fishermen to take us out into the sea. It was amazing to set out towards the sun, completely surrounded by water.  We stopped after a few miles to watch the sun dip into the sea and turned back. This was definitely the best part of the trip.



We spent the night roaming the streets and visiting some local markets before we returned to our hotel. And just when we were about to hit our beds, we heard loud music. Turns out the city had more for us. It was Navratri, and in and around Gujarat, people were happily playing garba. We witnessed a night full of dance and music, a lovely way to end the trip.

To sum it up, it was a very pleasant and relaxing break, the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities. That being said, one cannot spend more than a day or two in Daman.

Editing Credits: Sharon Lewis


8 thoughts on “Where time stood Still -Daman

  1. Bravo! Perfect beginnings for the novice traveller. Keep it going.
    (A tip: Knowing some history will make your journeys more insightful.)


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